When Exercise Isn’t Getting Results

When exercise isn’t getting results for you, you need to take another look at other aspects of your body and routines.

There are times when exercise alone either doesn’t give the results you want, or while it was working before, it’s not working now. As we get older things change, our bodies change, our lifestyles change.

Where to Look

These are some areas that can hijack your efforts, that you can look at:

  • Have you been doing the same thing for a while? Does it challenge you physically or is it a bit too easy – Change things up and increase the intensity, try a different form of movement.
  • Do you:
    • feel tired all the time?
    • is your night time sleep good quality (7-9 hrs and undisrupted)
    • do you find you have mood swings and other symptoms that affect how you function, around your menstrual cycle? Keeping a diary of your cycle and any feeling can help you identify any correlation here.
    • are you currently stressed? are you always stressed/busy/overwhelmed to some degree?

What To Do

If any of the above rings true for you, then here are some things to follow up on:

  • Pay attention to the foods you are eating and what you are drinking. Your body is like 1 big chemical factory. To function it needs nutrients not just energy. If you are eating purely based on energy, you need to look at the nutrients as well. You could be depriving the body of the required building blocks it need. Get support from a dietitian if you feel your nutrition is lacking. They would also be able to guide you in terms of supplements that may be beneficial as well.
  • Modify your sleep routine for better quality sleep. See some tips here – better sleep.
  • It might be worthwhile getting a medical professional to check your hormone levels and see if they are coming into play. Find some expert knowledge help in the area of peri-menopause and menopause. There are many books available to help you understand these areas more.
  • Stress can play a huge role in fat loss among other things. If you are someone who is busy busy busy. Got a million things to remember and do, you may find you are chronically stressed. Start managing you stress to help your body get out of stress mode, so it can function the way it is designed to. Have a read of “Rushing Woman Syndrome” by Dr. Libby Weaver.