Are you Listening to Your Appetite?

Listening to your appetite sound simple enough, but when you are going about your busy daily life, it’s easy to tune it out.

Our body’s have built in signals to tell us when we need to eat. But it is easy for us to ignore them and plough on through the day. It’s also easy to confuse a hunger signals and boredom or even thirst.

Our hunger cues aren’t just about when to eat, they will also tell us when to stop eating.

So here are some tips to help you get in tune with your hunger feelings and clarify when you should be eating, drinking water or finding something to do…

  1. True hunger is a feeling that comes from your stomach, a slight empty feeling in the stomach. Any other feeling in the mouth or just an urge to eat is probably thirst or boredom.
  2. If it’s not coming from the stomach, think about how you have been drinking so far today, If you are likely low on water, drink a glass slowly and wait 15 min to see how you feel.
  3. If it’s not coming from the stomach and water hasn’t done the trick, check what you are doing right now. Are you bored? are you tired? If it’s late at night, are you fighting a battle with tiredness and using food to keep you awake – should you just go to bed to give your body the rest it needs? NOTE: If this is a common evening habit for you, try going to bed earlier at night.
  4. If it is coming from the stomach, eat something. Go for something that is going to sustain you, not a quick calorie rich food that will have short lived benefits. If your body is telling you it needs food, it’s also telling you it needs nutrients, not only energy.
  5. While eating, pay attention to what you are eating and listen for the feeling of fullness. Don’t eat mindlessly, it often result sin over eating.
  6. So now you have some ideas to stop you from under fuelling and under nourishing your body. Listen to your body, it knows what it’s doing most of the time 😉

    There are some medical conditions that mean the appetite cues don’t work as designed. The above applies to the general healthy population who do not have these conditions.