Karen El-Azzi – Founder

I am a mother (of three young children), wife, sister, daughter and woman (not necessarily in any priority order). Whether it’s having children, changing jobs or careers, there is generally always some variable in life which can make maintaining a healthy balanced life, difficult or not a high priority.
Over the years, I have learnt that it is important to take care of myself, so that I can take care of the people I love – I’ll be honest, I still don’t always get the balance right, because life is so variable! BUT I am learning and isn’t that what life is – a life long series of lessons?!

I have my own experience with living through phases where exercise and my wellbeing are just not high on my priority list. I have had to push through some mental hurdles to get myself back to being active, stronger, fitter and more functional.
In my experience (personal and from working with other women), women can have many feelings and stories we tell ourselves about our lifestyle and/or bodies that make it hard to make lifestyle changes:

  • no idea about how to get started
  • uncomfortable about our ability to do exercise
  • lacking confidence about how our body will respond to or function during exercise
  • if someone has never considered themselves active they may simply think, they are passed the phase where they can change it.
  • I don’t have the time
  • I am too tired

None of these are insurmountable with support, the right environment, commitment and tools. Thrive Together’s purpose is to provide that. Remove the intimidation, create a great supportive community, provide safe guidance and support to help you grow and make changes.
The truth is, no one was born walking, we all learnt that skill and exercise and healthy habits are no different. Exercise can be enjoyable, fun, freeing and safe and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing… ALL OR SOMETHING is much better!

I want to help make women’s lives better. Empower them to be fitter, stronger and more comfortable in their bodies. Allow them get more, from this one life they have been given.


  • Cert III and IV – Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer
  • Pre and Post-natal Exercise – Burrell Education
  • Pelvic Floor Health and Programming – Australian Fitness Network & Continence Foundation Australia
  • Suspension Training Foundations – TRX
  Burrell Education / IntoYou Functional Pregnancy Prescription Graduate