Exercising Safely in Summer

Exercising safely in Summer requires a bit of though and planning. Summer is generally more appealing to work out, than winter. It’s also a popular time for people to start a new workout regime.

This time of year can be very hot and the sun can be very intense for outdoor training. So if you aren’t careful and don’t plan ahead, you may find your new “healthy habit” can do more harm than good.

Tips to Exercising Safely

  • Check the forecast the night before. If the forecast is for hot a hot day, aim to train in the early morning. Even mid-morning can be get too hot. The earlier the better.
  • Train in the shade. Avoid training in the direct sun as much as possible. A hat, sunscreen and clothing can stop you burning, but the sun’s heat can do more damage via heat stroke than you may realise.
  • Move your training session to a gym or air-conditioned space. If training before it gets hot ins’t possible, look for an indoor air-conditioned location to train.
  • Don’t forget your water!
  • Reduce your work intensity and/or duration. If it’s going to be hot and you want/need to workout outdoors, look after yourself and reduce how hard you push yourself. Working out in the heat places additional stress on your body, so cut it some slack!
  • Maybe skip your usual workout and try some mediation being strong and fit is not just about the physical body. Looking after your self mentally is equally important be balanced.

If drinking enough water (2 – 2.5L) is not currently part of your daily activities, read my post with tips to help you stay hydrated.