Consistency Creates Change

Change is created through consistency. The outcomes we get, always come from how we live, majority of the time.
If you consistently:-

  • skip exercise sessions – you WON’T get much fitter or stronger.
  • Get enough sleep – you will be able to think clearer and be more effective
  • eat appropriate food portions and nutrients – you will see physically and mentally
  • snack on high calorie, low nutrient foods – you will keep getting cravings for them.
  • skip meditation – continued higher stress levels, continuing to affect sleep quality, eating habits and immune function, etc.

It may see obvious now that you have read or even common sense. When you are living your life day by day and get distracted with all that you have going on – you can easily lose track of what you are doing and how consistent you really are.

What is Consistency?

Being consistent, means doing something MOST of the time. You don’t need to be perfect and do it 100% of the time. We are humans with moods, stresses, pressures and tastes. All of these play into how we live and what we eat, drink and how we move. These are however, things we need to manage, so we don’t let them determine what we do and how we fuel our bodies most of the time.

If you are doing something beneficial one day a week, that’s a great start, but on it’s own, it likely won’t get you significant changes on it’s own. But if that one change is part of a bigger plan to evolve your life to do that thing more often than not – well then that is where you are going to get results and new, beneficial, long term habits.

How to Get Consistency

  1. Keep it simple – Start with small changes, that you can build from. Avoid the Big Bang approach, don’t change everything all at once.
  2. Keep it achievable – Aim for something you can achieve with a little extra effort, but
  3. Set your expectations¬† – Going into it knowing that the results you are after won’t come immediately. They maybe subtle and gradual, but as you build them, they will get you there. Don’t give up too soon!
  4. Expect to not nail your goal everyday – We all have off days, busy days, social plans etc, so when you don’t hit that goal one day, take it in your stride and keep working towards consistency.
  5. Use a checklist to – Actually lost each day you want to do the change and tick it off as you go. You will soon tell how consistent you really are in the grand scheme of your life.

Change is a journey you must travel, you can’t just jump there.