What Are Your REAL Deep Core Muscles?

Do you think you know what are your deep core muscles? – here is a clue: It’s not your 6-pack muscles!!

Have no idea now? well rest assured you are not alone. When most people think their core is there rectus abdominis (the famous 6-pack muscles) and maybe their external obliques.

These muscles are superficial and play a minor role in posture and support during movement. Your real core muscles that do most of the work to support your body during movement are:

  • Diaphragm
  • The autonomous muscle sitting at the bottom of the ribs at the bottom of the chest cavity. Assists breathing.

  • Transvers Abdominis
  • The deepest core muscle. A corset like muscle that wraps around the abdomen connected to the pelvis and spine. Support posture and protects the pelvis and spine during movement.

  • Pelvic Floor
  • A sling like muscle sitting at the bottom of the pelvis, supporting the abdominal contents and healthy posture during movement etc.

  • Multifidus
  • Small muscles that run up through the spine, interconnecting vertebrae to fine tune the posture through the spine.

Now the pelvic floor is probably the most well know of the deep core muscles. But the remainder are largely new to most people. None of these can be seen at the surface. For many people these muscles are not muscles they are aware of when they working and doing the supportive job.

When this team of deep core muscles is functioning well, you can move more freely and easily. When they are well toned with good endurance, they will keep your abdomen and it’s contents, along with your spine well supported.