Tips for Holiday Workouts

The school holidays can shift our normal routine whether you are at home with the kids or not. So here are some tips for quicker and equally effective holiday workouts you can apply to ensure you make the most of your available time.

  1. Pick 5 – 7 low prep exercises & do 10 – 12 reps with 3 sets.
  2. These should be easy to do, and require minimal equipment. They should also be able to be done just about anywhere. You want to be be able to do them when the time is available e.g. at home, at the park and not require you to be at a gym. Think body weight exercises like push ups, lunges squats, burpees (you know you love them deep down!), glute bridges. Repeat each exercise 10 – 12 times. Run the full circuit of exercises 3 times. No break between each exercise, break for 2 min between each round.

  3. Pick an Area of the Body to Focus on at Each Workout
  4. Break the body up into:

    • strength & cardio – legs & butts
    • strength & cardio – core and arms
    • strength & cardio – back and chest

    You don’t want to try and cover the whole body in a single workout, it will take too long. Throughout a given week you would ideally hit each area. Be sure to keep it balanced across all your workouts.

  5. Combine Strength and Cardio into the Excerises
  6. Choose exercises that involve ballistic¬†(if it’s safe to do so) movements like jumping and hopping. These will allow you to develop your strength and get the heart rate up at the same time tackling both cardio and strength – 2 birds one stone. E.g. jump squats, lateral hops, jump lunges, burpees,

  7. Reduce the break between exercises
  8. Not only does this reduce the overall time required for your workout, but it places additional load on your body as it has less time to recover between each exercise.

  9. Replace a solo workout with a game with the kids
  10. This will likely be more of a cardio workout, but a workout nonetheless. Play a game of soccer, football, tennis, tips/tag. Ask your kids, I bet they have some highly active game ideas for you! Or you can just get them to copy your workout!

    Remember, a shorter workout is better than no workout, especially when you are trying to maintain or even develop a regular exercise routine and habit.