How to Better Manage Eating At Christmas

Christmas can revolve around food for a lot of people. There tends to be a heap of options to choose from and a massive quantity of it. To top it off it tends to be rich and flavourful – and I’m not even thinking about the sweets or offer!

So here is my approach to eating at Christmas:

1 – Only eat choose to eat the foods you will actually enjoy.

Why bother taking in calories for the sake of eating foods that you don’t really enjoy?? There is no pleasure to be gained from that!

2 – Keep portions of each food you choose to eat, moderate or small.

If you plan to try just about everything on offer, make the portions smaller:

  • If there are 5 different meats on offer, take a small piece of each
  • If there are richly dressed salads, 0.5 to 1 spoon of each – if you can try to reduce the salad dressing.

3 – Savour the flavours.

When you do eat the foods you enjoy and have smaller portions, take the time to appreciate the flavours. You won’t feel the needs to eat as much in order to satisfy your desire to eat it.

4 – Remember, it takes 20 mins for your brain to register you are full

Eat slower so your brain can keep up with your stomach. If you do think about going back for seconds. Wait 15 mins and then see how you feel.

5 – If there are too many choices you REALLY must have, wait for the next meal

If you are comfortable doing so, ask for a “doggy bag” or if you plan to be at the the same even all da and into the night, wait until the next meal.

6 – Keep in mind that food is available all year round.

If you don’t get to try or sample everything you want to, don’t forget there are another 364 days in a year. You can always try it another day!