COVID-19 Policies and Considerations

Last Updated: 2021-06-23 18:07:41

Thanks for taking the time to read this page. During this time we are required to manage and mitigate the risk of transmission and spread of COVID-19, to protect the health and wellbeing of each other and those we come into contact with.

The following policies will be in place until further notice and will be reviewed and modified as necessary, in line with Australian and NSW Government policies and laws.

I appreciate you being aware of these policies and working within them.

Conditions Of Attendance

The following rules will be in place for class attendance:

  1. All class attendees are required to complete a COVID-19 checkin at each class, either via the Service NSW QR Code as well as you sanitiser before class starts. This will be made available at each class.
  2. We are now back to our usual of up to 12 participants in classes (NSW health caps ALL attendees at 30 people, including children, members and trainer). This will be enforced via bookings in PT Minder, a waitlist will be managed in PT Minder, for anyone wanting to attend a full class, in case we have a cancellation.
  3. If you are experiencing ANY symptoms of illness you are not able to attend.
  4. If you are required to self-quarantine, have travelled overseas in the last 2 weeks or have been in close contact with someone known to have Covid-19, please adhere to your self-quarantine requirements and do not attend.
  5. All attendees will be required to use hand sanitiser before and after each class.
  6. Everyone will need to bring their own exercise mat and/or towel. You will not be able to participate in a class without a towel.
  7. Sanitising wipes will be available for all to use on their own equipment before, during and after class.
  8. Please bring your own resistance bands to each class. If you do not have any, you will be provided with one on request for you to keep and bring to each class.
  9. All equipment provided by me will be cleaned and sanitised before, during and after the classes. Attendees will be asked to wipe down equipment when changing equipment.
  10. Physical distancing will be required to be maintained throughout all classes, inline with the 1.5m rule, as specified by NSW Government.

Bringing Children to Classes

The following rules will be in place for bringing children to classes:

  1. Children attending Mid Morning class count towards the total number of participants.
  2. Children attending classes will need to adhere to physical distancing (except with their Mum).
  3. Children are to remain in their own pram. Where they are likely to move around and not be able to follow the 1.5m distancing rule with equipment and people outside of their family.