Rosehip oil – my little piece of self care

Rosehip oil is my quick, easy and natural piece of self-care.

I don’t tend to spend a lot of time looking after my skin. I will, maybe, use a mask and/or scrub a couple of times a month. I will generally wash my face with a good cleanser at least once a day. Where I have had problems in the past is with a moisturiser. Especially night time moisturisers. I had been using a great, light day time moisturiser which didn’t clog my skin or cause breakouts. However, it had no SPF protection. I’ve come to realise, given I don’t wear much makeup and even when I do it’s very shear, sunscreen is something I need daily. I probably should have realised this a long time ago, before the sun had done it’s damage, like in my 20’s. Don’t get me wrong if I am at the beach or pool or going to be outdoors for the day I use plenty of sunscreen. It just wasn’t part of my daily routine and when you’re in the car or outside for short periods, your face will still get sun exposure. So I tried looking for a day moisturiser with sun protection. I found one, but I didn’t find it particularly good for keeping my skin nice and soft and healthy looking.

Then I tried Rosehip Plus rosehip oil (I had used rosehip oil before, but never really stuck with it). This time though I was wanting something easy to apply, good under makeup, good under SPF moisturiser and good at night.

Rosehip Plus, Rosehip Oil
Rosehip Plus

I first tried rosehip oil on it’s own at night, it didn’t feel thick and heavy like most night time moisturisers. It actually felt nourishing and it felt like it was being absorbed into my skin, unlike some other products. So I wasn’t worried about leaving an oil slick on my pillow over night. I didn’t feel suffocated (I have washed many night creams off due to feeling suffocated). In the morning my skin feels moisturised and less dry/flat looking. I also wasn’t breaking out at all — even after weeks of use!

After a while I thought why can’t I use this under my day SPF moisturiser, so I tried it. Again no breakouts and in the evening when I wash my face, my skin feels good. The SPF moisturiser on it’s own didn’t quite get the same feeling. So now I get the best of both worlds. Although I suspect having the oil on first, probably means applying the SPF moisturiser more often during the day to maintain the protection. Sometimes I do this, sometimes I’m lucky to apply it the first time!

Following this I started using it under my makeup. I had been using a primer, which consistently caused breakouts, so I experimented. It seems to work well, again no breakouts. Makeup went on much smoother than without any base. My foundation is very sheer, so I can’t really comment on how long it lasts as it has never been long wearing foundation, it’s just not designed to be.

So I have found something that works for me. Something that is easy to source. Something that is natural (both organic and cold pressed, so as natural as you can get). Something I really do want to keep using. Something that I feel is doing something good for me, without being hugely expensive or developed in a lab somewhere. It makes me feel good, just knowing I am using something natural on my skin and it’s helping. It’s my small and easy piece of self-care.